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Constant Routine

Let’s be honest. Caring for your teeth is a matter of continuing and perpetual maintenance. Taking daily care of your teeth is just as important as other hygiene activities like bathing and shaving, if you want a pretty, white smile. This is a change that you just have to make in your lifestyle. That’s not to say you have to become an obsessive tooth brusher camping out in the bathroom or kicking yourself over one missed day, but consistency is very important.

To provide your teeth the best care, it’s important to have a daily routine in the morning after breakfast and in the evening either after dinner or before going to bed. By doing this, your teeth will be clean most of the day and all night while you sleep, which encompasses a large percentage of the average person’s life.

Our Recommended Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Regimen

This regimen needs to be followed regularly and we suggest a twice daily schedule, once after breakfast and again after dinner. Allow yourself a period to adjust, since this will take an additional twenty minutes. When you get into a routine it will be easy and the results will come quickly.

1) Begin by utilizing a home teeth whitening kit for the recommended time, typically five to ten minutes. We recommend doing this first so that you can remove the leftover whitener once you’re done.
2) After that, thoroughly clean your teeth with an electric tooth brush, making sure to cover the underside, front and back. Remember to brush your tongue well, too.
3) Use a flossing tool (they’re easier to use than regular floss) and slowly clean between each tooth. Cavities often develop here because meals and grime have the potential to build up without effort there. This is also a common cause of stains.
4) Finally, make sure your teeth stay clean and protected by using a mouth wash. This gives you the bonus of clean, minty-fresh breath as well.

What sort of teeth whitening is most effective?

If you want even brighter teeth, you should use a tooth whitener daily as well as brushing. This will really amp up the whiteness of your teeth. Over the years, we’ve tried almost every product out there. Keep in mind, though, that as technology improves, the old whiteners become obsolete as more effective and easier products take their place.

WHITE LIGHTâ„¢ Home Tooth Whitening System

One of the newest products to provide highly effective tooth whitening is the WHITE LIGHTâ„¢ Home Tooth Whitening System. After using the item for seven days, we were happy with the drastic results it brought us. Considering that our tester had previously used another teeth whitening system before changing to this one, the amount of whitening was even more amazing.

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