Recipes & Tips

Summer is over but the summer time flavors can linger all year round. Whether you grill outdoors or indoors, why not add some flavor and nutrition to your fish, chicken, vegetarian substitutes and lean meats? Serve alone or on whole grain breads, pita pockets or rustic breads.

Summer time flavors can linger all year round with these nutritious ideas:
crumbled blue cheese, red onions and baby lettuces
sautГ©ed mushrooms, low fat swiss cheese and Dijon mustard
BBQ sauce, smoked low fat cheese and pickles
wilted spinach drizzled with balsamic vinegar, crumbled Feta and pine nuts
sun dried tomatoes, basil leaves and garlic mayonnaise
teriyaki burgers, sliced cucumber and Wasabi mayonnaise
melted brie, sliced pears and red onion

Even though the days are shorter, you can still use some of these tips to add some warm flavors to your winter season.

Please share your tips to enjoy summer all year long, especially if you live where you can enjoy the pleasures of a good winter snow storm!

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