Pheromone Based Perfumes it is Your Advantages

It is common knowledge that perfume designers and makers are experts on the subject of pheromones and the subconscious connection they create among individuals. As a perfume/cologne user, utilizing this scientific research to the utmost is a sound investment when buying higher quality beauty merchandise.

Let’s begin with what pheromones. Our skin excretes pheromones from different areas of our bodies, and these hover in mid-air like molecules. The phenomenon of “love at first sight” occurs when a person’s unique pheromones connect with the VNO receptors in another person’s nasal passage. VNO receptors are still under a lot of investigation, but they are thought to respond to certain pheromones, opening pleasure channels to the brain and increasing breathing and blood pressure.

Based on this information, producers and designers of perfumes are constantly striving to create the ideal mixture of scent and matchmaking using the VNO-to pheromone connections. So, what is the origin of these pheromone additives?

Despite the rumors, makers of pheromone-based perfumes do not extract these components from other human beings. Rather, through exhaustive study, perfume makers have had success with producing a synthesized pheromone product incorporated into pheromone-based perfumes and colognes.

Successful incorporation of pheromones into perfumes and colognes involves a delicate balance between the chemistry and the scent of the perfume so as to perfectly harmonize with the synthesized pheromone additive. As the creation process is so complex, pheromone-based perfumes and colognes can be significantly more costly than other perfumes and colognes

The disclaimer stated by the perfume designer and maker is another important facet of perfume and cologne based on pheromones. As pheromone science studies go on, these products advertised to be a subconscious route to better sexuality disclaim the idea and say that sex is not a guarantee, only that heightened sensuality may occur.

Try a pheromone-based product for your next bottle of perfume or cologne, or with any future beauty purchase. Though your sex life may stay the same, you will discover yourself more and more attractive to the opposite sex, greatly influencing your outlook in life.