11 Tips for a Lighter Thanksgiving

More than any day of the year, Thanksgiving can mean boundless over-indulgence. From appetizers to dessert, a traditional Thanksgiving meal may have 2,000 to 5,000 calories! One day of splurging will not do you much harm, as long as it doesn’t start you down the road to holiday excess. But if you are trying to make it through the season without packing on the pounds, you will need to find ways to splurge within limits. Here are some tips that may help you enjoy Thanksgiving without gorging.
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Working With Your Health Care Provider

You can do your part to help your primary care provider treat you by coming to him or her as soon as the sores begin to evolve. This way you will be sure to gain the maximum benefit from the anti-viral medication.
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David’s Journal: Week 14. Part 2

Armand’s Reply


I am proud of you for the week of exercise you completed. I am psyched that you got the fourth day of exercise in. If you can do this on a regular basis, it will make a significant difference.
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David’s Journal: Week 14. Part 1

Work was a bit busier, although the latter part of the week was spent sitting in meetings. We made plans for the holiday season — one of the events being the annual “Pig-Out” (horrors!). This is a big potluck dinner where management provides the main entrees and everyone else brings side dishes. I’ll definitely have to restrain myself.
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Should I Supplement My Infant’s Formula With Rice Cereal?

Four-month-old infants are usually at the peak of their formula or breast-milk intake, which is usually about one quart a day. Unless your son is very large for his age, he needs somewhere around 30 to 36 ounces, perhaps up to 40 ounces, of formula each day for all his nutritional needs.
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Heart Attack? Part 2

Not Just a Different Menu
Still, for those patients who want to avoid a heart attack, as well as for those who have already suffered one, diet alone is not a cure-all.
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Heart Attack? Part 1

Studies have long touted the importance of a good diet in preventing heart disease. Now a new study says that following a Mediterranean-style diet can help patients even after they have had a heart attack.
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AIDS and the Athlete

World AIDS Day focuses a good deal of public attention on information concerning this devastating disease. High-profile athletes such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson and boxer Tommy Morrison certainly are not immune to this disease. AIDS can be found in more than 150 countries world wide and affects more than 120 million people who are HIV positive and about three million people who have the actual syndrome. Somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 new cases of AIDS occur each year in the United States.
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Strength Equipment for Special Populations. Part 6

Equipping without breaking the bank

While accommodating all populations is ideal, the reality is that space and financial limitations can intrude on the best plans and goals. How can owners most effectively accommodate seniors, children and other special populations with their strength equipment given these limitations?
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