The Appeal of the Game

There are three main reasons why curling membership is swelling around the globe: fitness, strategy and fun. From a fitness standpoint, some curlers walk 2 1/2 miles per game on top of receiving a tremendous upper body workout (see sweeping below).
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Determining Interest, Part 5

Statistics from American Sports Data Inc. and the National Sporting Goods Association

* In 1984, there were 20,000 in-line skaters.
* In 1991, there were 5 million in-line skaters.
* In 1993, there were 9.4 million in-line skaters (2.4 million skate two to three times a week).
* In-line skate sales will exceed $600 million in 1994.
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Determining Interest, Part 4

“Any professional skate school or program will require, with no exception, that students wear a helmet and wrist guards. Most will require full armor — helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads,” says Chris Morris, president of Southern California’s in-line skating operation, the Blade School. Morris’ IISA-certified instructors have taught more than 4,100 people to skate through parks and recreation departments, colleges, universities and health clubs.
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Determining Interest, Part 3

The ideal skating surface is smooth and flat. But, you don’t need to resurface an area just for skating. “You don’t necessarily need perfect pavement because, in real life, skaters will encounter all types of terrain. It hones better skills to be able to skate on different surfaces,” says Jack Murphy, president of Power Rollers. “Although one of the primary reasons people like to skate is because they can do it outside, we have conducted many clinics indoors on basketball and racquetball courts.”
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Determining Interest, Part 2

The policy even covers a certified instructor traveling from one location to another. Being able to travel to different locations holds a lot of value, especially for personal trainers. Irvine, Calif.-based personal trainer and in-line skating instructor Jerry Tyler offers his clients as many different options as possible — in the club and outside — to keep them interested.
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Determining Interest, Part 1

Murphy admits that you can’t just try an in in-line skating program on a Tuesday and Thursday night and expect it to stick. “It takes time to create interest and adherence to any new fitness program. Sometimes offer free ‘fun skates,’ teaching just the basics to see if club members are interested. We look at it as an investment for potential work.” Murphy suggests several marketing “tactics” to determine and create interest.
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Tobacco & Your Brain

Nicotine produces a temporary state of enhanced well-being in the brain by affecting many important brain chemicals. Thus, the tobacco user experiences enhanced pleasure, decreased anxiety or depression, and a state of alert relaxation.
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Don’t Say Cruel Things

Verbal abuse can be as damaging as physical abuse. If your children misbehave, avoid lashing out in a moment of anger, telling them they’re lazy or stupid — or worse, that you wish they had never been born. They might believe you.
Likewise, avoid sarcasm, name-calling or other nasty, disrespectful comments. Treat your children as you would like to be treated.
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