Natural Approaches To Stop Smoking

We have all known for years that smoking is harmful to our health. If you choose to stop today, you will be rewarded with better health in the future. Within 3 months of quitting smoking your lung capacity will increase, so that means better workouts for you!
You may be able to help calm your frazzled nerves and powerful cravings by using stop smoking aids from your MD. Some medical experts also recommend using antidepressant medications at the same time.

This is a fantastic time to optimize your eating plan and increase your intake of cancer fighting fruits and vegetables. The Fitness Heaven Summer Slim Down eating plan is loaded with vitamin C and other antioxidants that can help clean your body.

You may also want to increase your intake of vitamins B and C which are naturally depleted in smokers. Vitamin B helps promote healthy nerves and can also lessen anxiety. Vitamin C helps to mop up the free radical-damaging substances generated by smoking, and may also ease cravings. Some experts also recommend taking Kava which can help calm the jitters you’ll feel when you quit. As always, be sure to check with your medical doctor for the best advice on diet and supplements.

Happy clean lungs are in your future!

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