Finding the Rhythm of Life Through Tai Chi

To many people, Tai Chi is more than a mere slow exercise. Tai Chi improves overall health, boosting morale, balance and health. But more importantly, it’s a tool to find one’s rhythm in life.

Jusuf Sutanto, an Indonesian Tai Chi Master whose books are best-sellers in Southeast Asia and teachings echo throughout the continent, once said that for thousands of years, human beings have been searching for health. And only those who are harmonious with the rhythm of their own balance with life are said to have attained the ultimate definition of health.

Tai Chi provides its practitioner the opportunity to explore the hidden qualities that one doesn’t know exist. The chi, for example, has been there with us since the day we were born, but we never pay attention to its existence until now.

Through practicing Tai Chi Chuan continuously, this hidden force blossoms into being and creates a brand new universe for us to live in. Thus, the end result is our overall well being: physically and mentally.